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Alphons Jaison -The Rising EDM Artist

user image 2023-11-21
By: Carolina A
Posted in: Electronic
Alphons Jaison -The Rising EDM Artist


Alphons Jaison ( born 28-04-2005 )is a DJ and  Producer. He has been interested in technology, mobile, computers since childhood, as well as he also takes a lot of interest in musical art. He is best known for his single "In Your Arms". The recognizable logo of Alphons Jaison consists of intertwined letters "A" "J", the initials of his name, was designed by himself. He also uses a hoodie and face mask resembling the concept of black bloc on stage to create the rest of the image. He is all dressed as a black shadow figure. This is, according to the artist himself, a carefully planned image drawn up together with the record company Sony. He has received honors and certificates of merit and distinction from Trinity College London. 


Father - Jaison PJ

Mother - Elizabeth Jaison

Brother - Savio Jaison



Music Producer


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