• Push Power Hits Music Contest

    Push Power Hits is looking for hit songs to promote with a network that is bigger and better than ever! Submit your music for a chance to be featured along with 9 other songs on Push Power Hits Vol. 18. Volume 18 of our compilation project series will be marketed to over 75,000 site members, 10,000+ new members monthly on our homepage, through our Opportunity of the Day Song Spotlight, and through the thousands of connections we've amassed through our VIP music marketing company list. You won't want to miss this chance to shine if you have a hit on your hands! Submit your music below.

    - Submission fee per song: $8 

    - 10 songs will be chosen

    - All genres accepted!

    Submission Period:

    July 25th - September 20th

    Volume 18 of our series will be released on September 25th, 2020 at 6 pm EST

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  • Judging Process

    All songs will be judged based on creativity, originality, talent and appeal, audio quality, and lyrical content. Songs are evaluated on a scale from 1-10 from a team of 3 judges that are apart of the Push Power Promo staff. Input from all 3 judges will then be averaged. Regardless of the number of submissions, the top 10 songs will be chosen based on weighted averages of scores.

    Rules and Regulations

    Songs must be original material (no remixes or covers) in order to properly showcase the entries lyricism, creativity, and talent level. Multiple songs can be submitted and selected for the top 10 winning songs. A maximum of 2 songs can be placed on the compilation project per artist or group. Previous winners are allowed to reapply, but only with new music.

    Submissions sent without payment will not be judged. Payments are non-refundable. We encourage you to review the material submitted to ensure you have sent the proper files and information. Songs files that are accepted include MP3, WAV, and MP4 submissions. Videos can be sent, but visuals will not be graded. MP3 files are preferred. File size must be under 30MB

    By submitting to this compilation contest, submitters are giving Push Power Promo / P3hits the permissions to upload their song onto Soundcloud and promote on PushPowerPromo.com. Submissions that have strict copyright laws and automatically delete 3rd party uploads of their content may have to be excluded from the top 10.

    Read more in Terms of Service

  • Feedback on some of our recently Promoted Tracks:

    "I just love this introduction, it is so mysterious and mellow. And while Lil D honors the Trap genre with his choice of instrumentation and vocalization, his command on the beat and vocal register shows his originality which is a PLUS in the Trap Music genre. The storyline of this clip is so real; it is good Lil D did not sensationalize the truth. Still, I kept wanting to hear some violins on this cut at the 1:54 point as I feel it needs some added texture musically, just a little bit to add some extra oomph to the keys and percussions. But overall, Lil D’s melody to rhythm ratio throughout the cut is excellent and Yung Tago did a good production. This guy knows how to ride a beat!"

    - Kiki Skinner

    "What nice smooth appeal. I loved the old school feel to this track – the swagger of this cut is 1990s added to the Millennium. In addition, Boney has a nice texture to his spits and gives his listening audience more than just a Hip Hop track filled with beats as the adlibs and background lends itself to R&B. Moreover, it was good to hear an actual hook in the song that is sung. An extra plus is the production and rhyme scheme. This is an awesome cut to pitch to film as it has a flavorful film score vibe to it. Great job; I want to hear more!"

    - D Lynn

    "The warm guitar already puts you in a frame of mind as soon as you hear it.  Such a beautiful love song with a little edge. This country boy is naughty and I like it. I am really digging his vibe. Robert Abernathy is hopefully talking to his girl but listening definitely has you imagining yourself in her place. Wow! Hold me closer, feel that heat. Don't worry the dress will stay off for you."

    - C Brown

    I like the use of the sampled Sponge bob into the drop. The 808 sounds pretty Bit crush which gives an interesting texture. This is a nice freestyle. However, I believe the song can benefit from more variations. Everything in the rhythm track stays fairly constant throughout.. Bring some movement into the song with alternating high hat patterns, change the bass pattern during different sections. Most importantly, I think you should let the song breath a little more often instead of rapping over the entire track. Also, creating more of a distinct verse/chorus would help the listener stay engaged.

    - Tom

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