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    Topogy - Forget You

    By Topogy, 2024-04-15
    Topogy - Forget You

    Hey guys, this is Topogy - German bedroom oldschool style EDM producer. 

    My progressive house song Forget You is some kind of duet between a man singing both verses and a women resonating with an uplifting voice to it in both drops. Its some kind of tragic love story between them, because he wants to know more about her and she tries to forget him, but does not know how.

    Cheers, hope you enjoy it. :-) 

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    By Kashmirtour, 2024-04-14
    Book the Best Kashmir Tour Packages

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    By shrutisharma, 2024-04-12
    Best Nagpur call girl enquary

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    Californian Solo-Artist Aramis Reveals Thrilling New Single 'Icarus and The Fall' – A Metal Masterpiece!

    Californian Solo-Artist Aramis Reveals Thrilling New Single 'Icarus and The Fall' – A Metal Masterpiece! 

    Nik Hayes, operating under his solo metal endeavor Aramis, presents his latest single, "Icarus and The Fall." This 3:28-minute track blends elements of thrash, melodic death, and progressive metal, weaving a narrative around the final moments of the Greek mythological figure, Icarus, as he descends to his demise. The song captivates with its dynamic composition, featuring rapid shifts in instrumentation and a fusion of both harmonic and harsh vocals. The accompanying artwork, drawn from Nik's own photography collection, portrays a vivid scene of a blue sky set against foreboding clouds.

    Originally conceived in 2022, "Icarus and The Fall" missed a contest deadline but found new life following the release of Aramis's 2023 album, "Crimson." Through its lyrics, the song delves into Icarus's contemplations during his fall, ultimately delivering a poignant message about the importance of learning from one's actions. Hailing from California's Bay Area, Aramis emerged as a solo project in 2021 and has been signed with SODEH Records since 2022, consistently delivering compelling compositions within the metal genre.



    Founded in 2018 by the exceptionally talented Nik Hayes, Aramis is a captivating solo-project that seamlessly blends progressive thrash and death metal. With every aspect of the music meticulously crafted by Hayes himself— from writing and recording to mixing and mastering— Aramis is a true embodiment of his creative vision. Notably, the album and single covers feature stunning artwork derived from his extensive portfolio of nature and landscape photography.

    Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including renowned bands like Metallica, Gojira, Lamb of God, and Death, Aramis transcends the boundaries of metal by incorporating elements from various genres.

    In 2021, Aramis made an impactful debut with the release of the first single, "Nebulous," in January, followed by "Born of Man" in March, both of which became part of the highly acclaimed debut album, "Insignificant Memories," released in June of the same year. To mark the occasion of Halloween, Aramis unveiled a standalone single titled "Constrictor" on October 31st, leaving a lasting impression on fans and industry insiders alike.

    Excitingly, Aramis has recently signed with SODEH Records, forging a promising collaboration that sets the stage for future music releases. Now, the eagerly anticipated second album, "Crimson," is set to unleash its sonic onslaught on June 9th, 2023, featuring the electrifying singles "Promethean Treatment" and "You Are The Enemy."

    Prepare to be enthralled as Aramis pushes the boundaries of metal with unparalleled artistry, taking you on a thrilling musical journey through the raw power and profound creativity of one remarkable artist.

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